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Jan 15th, 2018 by brodes at 5:34 pm

EAGLES WIN! Time to play for the NFC Championship against the Vikings...

The Vikings victory was one for the record books....

Jags stomp the Steelers

Pats roll through the Titans

Sixers blow a 22 point lead against the Celtics as the Flyers beat the Devils.

Jan 10th, 2018 by brodes at 10:44 pm

We discuss that beautiful National Championship CFB game along with breakdown on recent CBB games. The Big 12 Conference seems to be the toughest.


The Eagle's chances against the Falcons and other divisional games.

Jan 8th, 2018 by brodes at 2:40 pm

Heavy discussion about the Chiefs Titans, Falcons Rams, Bills Jags, & Panthers Saints.


Jan 2nd, 2018 by brodes at 8:29 pm

Georgia vs Oklahoma

Bama vs Clemson

Where are the Eagles?

NFL News

NBA, Sixers

Flyers and the WJC

Dec 29th, 2017 by brodes at 3:23 pm

Today we talk about how frustrating this Sixers team is after they fall to Portland being up 18 points.

The Celtics took over the Rockets in the second half for a TNT Double Header of amazing comebacks.

NFL news coming into the final week and the top CFB Bowl Games are ready to start!

Dec 26th, 2017 by brodes at 2:39 pm

The Eagles are 13-2..... but does it feel that way?

The sixers are struggling......

Dec 14th, 2017 by brodes at 7:43 pm

It is time to move forward as an Eagles fan. No more Carson, we get that.... Time to see what this team can do with Nick Foles in because in reality, thats our only option.

The sixers squeek a win out in Minnesota on ESPN with Joel Embiid leading the pack. Ben Simmons struggles.

Flyers are focussed on a potential 5 game win streak against Buffalo ...

Dec 12th, 2017 by brodes at 3:41 am

SO UPSET. We lose Carson Wentz..... I don't know how to handle myself, I believe the season is over when it comes to Super Bowl chances...... Am I Crazy?! Let me vent for now....

News around the NFL Week

Sixers Losing

Flyers Winning?

Baker Mayfield wins the Heisman

Dec 6th, 2017 by brodes at 8:41 pm

The Sixers lose to the Suns....

The GSW have a different kind of energy this year, too much emotion?

The ugly MNF football game between the Bengals and the Steelers

Tiger Woods returns

Dec 4th, 2017 by brodes at 5:31 pm

The Eagles lose..... to the Seahawks... my reaction?... 10-2 just take deep breaths and maybe this is for the best. Face some adversity and move forward although our next game against LA is HUGE.


CFB Polls came out. OSU or Alabama at 4....


Sixers... what are we missing?